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What Documents Do You Need To Open An Account With TD Bank?

Before opening an account with TD bank, you must be prepared with the necessary information and documents. Opening an account is simple, secure, and requires the following documents.

  • Social security certificate
  • Valid driver's license

The documents prove that you are eligible for different services and social security benefits.

After presenting the right documents, the account opening process is straightforward. The process entails filling out basic personal information and deciding on the right account that best suits your financial needs and budget.

If you intend to include other authorized signers, you will need the other people's valid identification and social security number. Also, you will need their names, addresses, phone number, and date of birth.

TD Bank

TD_Bank Logo
TD_Bank Logo

TD Bank


$15 per month Can be waived if you’re aged 17 to 23 or if you maintain $100 minimum daily balance

Minimum Deposit


Current Promotion

Up to $500 TD Bank offers a welcome bonus for new account – you can get  Up to $500 bonus if you open a new checking account ($300) and savings account ($200). There is a minimum deposit required of $500 or $2,500, depending on account, within 60 days.. Expired on 10/31/2023

APY Savings

0.01% – 4.00%

How Much Do You Need to Open a TD Bank Account?

TD bank offers different types of accounts for individuals, including checking, savings, and CDs. For example, the TB savings account is excellent for building your savings. 

There is no minimum opening deposit for a TD bank account, and you can open the account either in-person, online, or by talking to a bank specialist.

The TD simple savings account is ideal if you want predictable monthly fees and no minimum opening balance.

Despite the account you choose to open at TD bank, you get convenient services and policies that help you understand how the account operates.

Can You Open a TD Bank Account Online?

You can open a TD bank account online. You can start the process by identifying an account with the perks you want and meets your financial needs.

The bank's account selector can help you choose an ideal account that meets your needs. After choosing, you can open an account online in minutes.

You can start the process by identifying the product or service you are looking for—for example, checking, savings, or Certificates of Deposit.

If you want to open a checking account, you can choose a checking account with zero minimum opening balance requirement or one with additional perks.

Steps to Open a TD Bank Checking Account

You can open a TD bank checking account by following the steps below.

1. Go to the bank's website

Open your favorite browser and go to TD bank's website.

After opening the bank's website, click on the ‘personal' tab in the top left corner. Hover the mouse over the products section and click on checking, as shown below.

go to TD Bank website

2. Choose Checking Account Type

There are different types of checking accounts that you can choose from. Choose the one that meets your financial needs.

For example, if you are looking for an account with a low minimum daily balance requirement and great discounts, you can use the TD convenience checking account.

choose account type of TD Bank website

3. Click Open In Minutes And Start Your Application

When you click on the tab, you choose your primary residence. After selecting your residence, you will be redirected to your US residence application.

When you start the application process, you will fill in your personal information and details of your SSN and government-issued ID.

The process involves telling the bank more about yourself by filling in your basic information, including:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • SSN
  • Your ID
  • Birth date
  • Employment history
  • Source of income

After confirming the information, you verify your identity and choose whether you want a debit card. You will then be prompted to accept the bank's terms and disclosures.

enter personal details on new account Application

4. Fund Your New Account

After setting up your new account, it is best to have a funding source ready.
In the next step, you choose your most preferred depositing method, as shown below.

Fund New Account on TD Bank website

5. Create A User For TD Online Banking

Finally, you can enroll for online and mobile banking for 24/7 access to your account.

After keying in your username and password, click on enroll and finish.

Create A User On TD Bank website

How to Open a Joint Bank Account With TD Bank?

You can open an account by booking an appointment to visit a TD bank branch. A TD bank representative will help you explore how the joint account may assist you in attaining your financial objectives.

You and the other joint TD bank account owner can only open the account in person at your nearest TD bank branch.

You can open a joint savings or checking account to help you spend, save and keep tabs on your money efficiently.

A joint account makes it easy for you to pay shared bills, purchase shared items, track spending, and contribute to financial goals.

You can choose the best savings or checking account with the other account signer.

A TD Bank joint account differs from a regular account in the following ways.

  • It is in the name of two or more owners
  • Joint account holders share joint responsibility

Which TD Bank Checking Account Should You Open?

TD checking accounts have different perks that you can enjoy. For example, you can have 24/7 access to all TD checking accounts through online and mobile banking. Also, you get live customer service, flexibility, and options to prevent incurring fees.  

There are several options to choose from when it comes to checking accounts. You can narrow down your choices and find one that fits you perfectly.

Below are the TD bank checking account options that you can explore.

  • TD convenience checking. This account is relevant for new checking clients interested in great discounts and a low minimum daily balance. 24/7 fraud monitoring on the account guarantees fast and secure payments. The account has no maintenance fee if you are between 17 and 23 years old.
  • TD beyond checking. The account is best for you if your main focus is on benefits. There are free incoming wires per statement cycle and no ATM fees if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $2,500 in your account. Also, when you operate the account, you get reimbursement for two overdrafts yearly.
  • TD simple checking. The account is an everyday checking account with no minimum balance and a low monthly maintenance fee of $5.99. You can confidently manage your money with overdraft relief when you operate this account. The account is ideal for you if you are looking for an account with no minimum balance and no ATM charges at the bank's ATM.
  • TD 60 plus checking. The account is perfect for you if you are 60 years or older. Also, you earn interest on your account balance and enjoy free checks, paper statements, and money orders. When you operate the account, you enjoy easy access to your account 24/7. Moreover, the bank waives the monthly maintenance fee if you maintain a balance of $250.

Why Can't I Open a TD Bank Account?

TD bank may deny your application if you do not meet all the requirements to open an account. For example, the bank will not allow you to open an account if you do not have a Social Security number or a valid driver's license.

If you are a foreigner without an SSN, TD bank may deny your application to open an account if you do not have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Also, the bank can deny your request to open an account if your previous accounts were closed due to negative balances or overdrafts.

Moreover, TD bank will not allow you to open an account if you have a history of fraud.

TD Denied My Application. What Can I Do?

If TD bank denies your application to open a bank account, it is important to understand why you are denied. After that, you need to evaluate other options available to you.

Below are options you can consider if TD bank denies your request to open an account.

If your application to open an account at TD bank is denied because of incorrect details, you can verify the details and reapply.

TD bank may not agree to open an account for different reasons, for example, a record of unpaid balances. Banks rely on consumer reporting agencies, and when such information leads to a denial, you have the right to receive a copy of your file.

You can use the information from the report to reach out to your previous bank and pay off any outstanding arrears or dispute any errors.

Most prepaid debit can allow you to access vital banking functions, including direct deposit. Such cards are available to clients irrespective of their banking history.

The best choices have low or no monthly fees and access to numerous ATMs.

Therefore, not being able to open a bank account should not mean you do not access banking services.


Yes. Although banks require SSNs that non-US citizens do not have, TD bank allows you to open savings and check accounts using Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and other documents.

Therefore, you can open an account with TD bank as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

You can open a savings account with TD bank by visiting your nearest branch in person or online by visiting the bank's website.

You can open either TD simple savings or signature savings to help you reach your savings objectives faster.

Also, you can link your savings account with a checking account or credit card.

Assuming all the application details are in order, you can set up your account within minutes. The account will be ready for use after 24-48 hours. You can visit a TD branch or open an account online. 

The bank describes itself as the country's most convenient bank, and the account opening process is easy.

There is no minimum balance requirement for TD bank checking accounts. If you are between 17 and 23 years, you pay no monthly maintenance fee.

However, you will pay a monthly maintenance fee on your checking account after your 24th birthday. You can avoid paying the maintenance fee by fulfilling your account's daily minimum balance.

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