High Yield Savings Account or Gold Investing: Which Is Better Against Inflation?

Table Of Content With the rate of inflation on the rise, many people are looking for ways to invest and manage money during inflation. Traditionally high yield savings and gold have provided safe avenues of investment, but which one is better in high inflation? Are Gold and High Yield Savings Accounts Considered Inflation Hedges? High […]

US Treasury Bonds Vs. CDs: How They Compare And Which Is Right For You

Table Of Content With the trying economic times we’re experiencing, many people are looking for ways to invest their money with minimal risk and decent returns. While CDs are a popular choice, it is also worth considering U.S treasury bonds. So, here we’ll delve into the U.S treasury bonds vs CD debate in more detail […]

Bank CDs or Gold Investment: Which Is Better Against Inflation?

Table Of Content CDs Vs. Gold: The Main Differences Here are a few major differences between CDs and gold: Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are financial products offered by banks and other financial companies. Gold is a physical commodity although exposure to changes in gold prices can be gained in other ways: investing in a […]

How Does Inflation Affect the Stock Market?

How Does Inflation Affect the Stock Market

Table of Content Rising inflation is making headlines due to the increasing cost of fuel, food and other essentials, but how does inflation affect the stock market? Here we’ll explore this topic in greater detail to help you make plans for your long term financial health. Why Is Inflation Rising? Inflation is a measurement of […]

How Inflation Affects Your Investments?

How Inflation Affects Your Investments

Table of Content The U.S is currently experiencing the highest inflation levels since 1981. There are three main factors driving the current inflation trend. The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic: While the health issues surrounding the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic are starting to become resolved, the economic effects are still being felt. The pandemic caused shipping routes to […]

The Best Investing Robo-Advisors Of 2022

Best Investing Robo-Advisorsof 2021

Robo-advisors are a kind of financial advisers that provide online financial advice or portfolio with minimal human intervention. They became popular when people began searching for inexpensive but convenient automated opportunities. Within minutes, robo-advisors can help you set up a diverse but customized portfolio right in the comfort of your desk. They can also give […]

The Best Online Brokers For Beginners (November 2022)

Best Online Brokers For Beginners

If you are looking into buying shares of stocks of any kind, you will first need to get an online broker account. Choosing which broker you use is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Before you go looking into which online broker you should use, you need to think about a few things. […]

Top Gold Dealers to Buy Gold Bullion & Bars

Best Gold Dealers to Buy Bullions & Bars.

More and more people are doing online shopping nowadays because of its advantages.  First, online prices are usually lower than what you can find in traditional stores.  An online shop won’t have to pay for what brick-and-mortar establishments do to keep their business running.  Plus, online stores tend to have a national reach, sometimes even […]

How To Overcome Investment Fear?

ways to Overcoming Investment Fear

Table Of Content The thought of starting an investment portfolio can fill people with apprehension or even fear.  It is not natural for us to risk our money thru investments. And there’s no escaping the memories of the stock market meltdown last Corona Crisis. Add to this the sophisticated and sometimes highfalutin terminologies and complex […]

Gold vs Bitcoin: What is the Best Hedge Against Inflation?

Gold vs Bitcoin: What is the Best Hedge Against Inflation?

Table Of Content Gold has traditionally been considered a safe haven. Once upon a time, it was used to back almost all currency around the globe. While it does not do that, it is still extensively used by investors who want to hedge against inflation. However, there is a new investment class that claims to […]

SoFi Invest Broker Review 2022: Best For Younger Generation Traders

SoFi Student Loans Review

Table of Contents SoFi spotted the opportunity offered by the new class of retail investors and jumped in to make the most of it. But its core business is not offering brokerage services, even though it is registered with the SEC. It runs a legitimate business and offers excellent services to its investors – that […]

Vanguard Broker Review 2022 – Is It Worth It?

Vanguard broker review

Vanguard Broker Review Determined to change the way the world invests, Vanguard offers a different perspective to asset management. For sure, Vanguard is different than any other brokerage house in the United States, for the simple reason that it focuses more on investment management rather than on brokerage. Vanguard runs a hybrid business – a […]

Hedge Yourself: 4 Foreign Currencies Alternative to the US Dollar

alternative Foreign currencies

Table Of Content There was a time not too long ago that the US Dollar was looked at as one of the most stable currencies in the world. In fact, foreign investors would flock to the US Dollar during times of instability in their own regions to have some semblance of safety. Sadly, those days […]

Gold vs. Silver Investment – Where Should Your Money Go?

gold vs silver

Table Of Content Precious metals have long been considered as stores of wealth for thousands of years. Prior to the advent of the fiat currency system, the world’s currencies were directly or indirectly pegged to gold. Some proponents of the latter system still believe that holding precious metals is better than holding currency. However, these […]

How to Prepare for an Inflationary Recession?

How to Prepare for a Potential Recession

Table Of Content Although the pandemic and associated quarantine measures are beginning to ease, businesses must still prepare for the possibility of high inflation on the horizon. Inflation has been on the rise since 2020, after a long period of decline. The annual inflation rate in the US accelerated to 8.3% in August of 2022, […]

Open A Brokerage Account – Full Guide For New Investors

Brokerage Account basics

Table of Content What Is a Brokerage Account? A brokerage account is like a savings account that you set up exclusively to invest, regardless of what investment option you choose. You can use your brokerage account to buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, foreign currencies, futures, real estate investment trusts, precious metals, […]

Mutual Fund Expense Calculator

Table of Content I Don’t Need Background, Take Me to the Calculator! All mutual funds that you find out there have fees, some charge more than others and what you have to understand is that the cost involved with the purchase of a mutual fund is not as straightforward as you’d opt it to be, […]

Which Investing Style Is Right For You?

Which Investing Style Is Right For You?

Table of Content Sure, you’ve made the important decision to part with your hard-earned money and invest.  Before getting into it, you need to answer some crucial questions before you pick an approach that will suit your personality, situation, and resources. Of course, it should also match your investing goals. Some of the things you […]

Choosing an Online Broker: The Factors You Must Consider

Choosing an Online Broker: The Factors You Must Consider

Table Of Content What Is a Brokerage Account? You can use your online brokerage account to purchase stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, index funds, options, futures, foreign currencies, real estate investment trusts, and all the other assets and instruments you can possibly invest your money in. There’s an essential difference between the two. […]

Investing And Saving In Your 30s: How To Manage it?

Investing And Saving In Your 30s: How To Manage it?

Table Of Content In investing, timing is of utmost importance and the earlier you start in your journey, the better results you will get in the end. You’ll have compound interest as your friend because it will help your money grow exponentially. This means that if you start investing in your 30s, as opposed to […]

Full-Service Vs Online Brokers: Which Is Better For You?

Full-Service Vs Online Brokers: Which Is Better For You

Table Of Content Full service brokers, also known as traditional brokers, provide a variety of services. Along with providing a stock trading platform, they also provide research and advisory, investment banking, sales, and asset management under one umbrella, as well as any other service requested by the individual based on the stock broker’s requirements and […]

Margin Vs Cash Account: Which Is Better For You?

Margin Vs Cash Account: Which Is Better For You?

Table Of Content What is a Cash Account? A cash account is basic and simple. You, as the account holder, simply trade using whatever money you have in your own account. You can’t advance or lend money to your broker. When you want to buy security, you must deposit cash into your account to settle […]

Stocks Vs Bonds: Which Investment Is Better For You?

Stocks Vs Bonds: Which Investment Is Better For You?

Table Of Content Probably the most common question that financial advisors get from their clients is: “Should I invest my money in stocks or bonds?”.  For the majority of investors, the appropriate answer is seemingly a mix of stocks and bonds – but that is not always applicable for all. An investor has to first […]

Investing And Saving in Your 20s – The Most Important Tips

Investing And Saving in Your 20s – The Most Important

Table Of Content One of the best principles in investing is this: the earlier you start, the better returns you will likely reap. One reason for this is the genius of compound interest. It will allow you to grow your money exponentially. So, you may find that by the time you want to retire, the […]

How to Choose The Best Stock Broker For Your Needs

How to Choose The Right Broker For Your Needs

Table Of Content Your choice of broker should be based on more than just who offers the best deal. Although price is an important factor in your broker selection, the most important factors are the services that your broker provides and how effective and efficient the broker is in providing promised services. You may find […]

Investing in Your 40’s: Consider The Following Advice

Investing in Your 40's: Consider The Following Advice

Table Of Content Many people defer planning for the future because their present life is so demanding and everything’s going well with them. When you were in your 20s and 30s, your retirement seemed very far but when you reach 40, you begin to think of your financial responsibilities – now and for your retirement. […]

6 Mistakes People Make When Buying Physical Gold

6 Mistakes People Make When Buying Gold

Table of Content In the light of what’s happening to the global economy, putting some of your money in gold is an intelligent investment move. Gold is a stable commodity that performs well even during times of financial uncertainty, which makes it a safe asset to have on hand. When the stock prices are going […]

How to Teach Your Kids About Finance & Investing

How to Teach Your Kids About Finance

Table Of Content The Council for Economic Education has an interesting finding:  only one-third of U.S. states require high school students to attend a personal finance class as a condition for graduation.  This could be the reason why one in five 15-year-old Americans is short on the basic financial literacy in 2017 as the Program […]

How To Find The Best Gold Dealer

How To Find The Best Gold Dealer

Table Of Content With all the turmoil and unexpected events affecting the economy, turning to gold as an investment option is a prudent step. Gold is a financial refuge as an asset because it performs well even during times of economic uncertainty.  When the stock market is declining, gold’s price goes up.  In short, gold […]

The Best Investing Tips For Beginners

The Best Investing Tips For Beginners

There is a natural tendency for people to put off investing or totally stay away from it just because of fear.  There are a lot of things a prospective investor might worry about.  You might not be able to buy the right instrument and end up with the wrong investment.  You might miss the right […]

10 Best Ways To Avoid Gold Coin Scams

10 Best Ways To Avoid Gold Coin Scams

Table Of Content The demand for physical gold is growing and continues to be strong because investors are realizing the importance of allocating a portion of their assets to precious metals. This surge in demand also created a rise in the formation of many new bullion companies but many of them just want to take […]

Investing In Gold: What Are The Benefits And Risks?

Investing In Gold What Are The Benefits And Risk

Table Of Content You can’t talk of money and finance without mentioning gold at all.  History tells us that it’s been part of mankind’s economic life since its discovery as a precious metal. As a valuable asset, it becomes more attractive during times of economic uneasiness or political unpredictability. There’s a long list of investors […]

8 Gold Coins Scams To Avoid When Buying Bullions

8 Gold Coins Scams To Avoid When Buying Bullions

Table Of Content You might have heard a lot of experts say that during tight economic situations such as what we have now, turning to gold is a good investment gambit. Gold is an overly reliable asset that withstands any kind of financial uncertainty.  Even when the stock market is plunging like an elevator whose […]

What is a Treasury Note And How to Buy It?

Treasury Notes basics

Table Of Content Probably one of the best fool-proof ways to preserve your capital is by investing in Treasury securities.  Most veteran investors know this and have made this a part of their financial investing strategy. From T-bills to notes, bonds, and bond funds, investors can find the stability they want from their investments. Of […]

EE Savings Bonds As An Investment: All You Need To Know

EE Savings Bonds As An Investment: All You Need To Know

Table Of Content Perhaps the simplest and easiest way to put your money to work and begin saving is by investing in US savings bond. This article will help you understand how to invest in US Series EE Savings Bonds, one of the popular products of the United States Treasury Department. You’ll learn about tax […]

What is the 10 Year Treasury Bond and How to Buy It?

Treasury Bonds 101: How it Works, Where to Buy, Pros & Cons

Table Of Content For years, investors who wanted to preserve their capital have consistently turned to one instrument:  Treasury Securities (or ‘Treasuries’). Treasury instruments such as T-bills, bonds, notes, and bond funds have been offering investors not just the stability they are looking for from their investments but also the handsome returns to keep them […]

What Are Corporate Bonds And How Do They Work?

Corporate Bonds Basics - How Do They Work

Table Of Content What are Corporate Bonds? Companies have many ways to raise funds aside from their normal income streams.  Over the years, the need for companies to come up with cash to fund their projects, expansions or new ventures has created many financial products that are now common in the market. Similarly, these products […]

The Pros And Cons Of Investing in U.S. Treasury Bonds

The Pros And Cons Of Investing in U.S. Treasury Securities

Table Of Content In times of financial uncertainty, one of the best alternatives for riskier investments such as stocks or real estate is the US treasury bonds.  The high inflation during the last year is drastically affecting US treasury bonds yield, and investors can get more than 3% interest on US 10 years bonds.  Key […]

How To Pick Up The Best Mutual Fund

How To Pick Up The Best Mutual Fund

Table Of Content Maybe, after months of research and so many questions, you’ve finally decided to put your hard-earned money into a mutual fund.  Well, you may find this as a shock but you’ve just passed the easy stage – the harder part is yet to come.  Now you have to choose the best mutual […]

Investing In Corporate Bonds – The Pros & Cons

corporate bonds pros cons

Table Of Content Corporate Bonds Advantages Investing in corporate bonds give you some distinct advantages such as: Varied Options For Investors The good news to an investor is:  you have a wider choice of where to invest your money when it comes to corporate bonds.   There are so many types in the market that […]

The Pros And Cons of Investing in Physical Gold

The Pros And Cons of Investing in Physical Gold

Ever noticed how gold is back in the limelight again – especially physical gold?  So, whether you’re into gold coins, or investing in a gold account and receiving a record of numbered gold bars in your name, read on.  It is important that you recognize the challenges that can come when investing in physical gold […]

How to Invest in U.S. Treasury Bonds?

Understanding The Different Types Of U.S. Treasury Securities - How It Works

You’ve probably heard about U.S. Treasury securities before but have no idea up to today what they are and how they can benefit you.  U.S. Treasury securities are instruments of debt – more specifically, debts of the U.S. Federal Government.  So, the simple truth is, if you buy any Treasury security, you are in essence lending money to the government for a specific period of time.  They come in different forms.  You have Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds, Floating Rate Notes (FRNs), and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS).  Collectively, investors and finance experts call these securities as “Treasuries.”

What is a Treasury Bill and How to Buy It?

Investing in Treasury Bills: How It Works , Benefits and Risks

Table Of Content Many investors opt for government bonds to preserve their capital. Government bonds are all securities issued by a government (in our case the US) to pay for a debt. Because of that, people consider them safe and secure compared to the volatile stocks issued by private companies. This article will teach you […]

The Best Ways To Buy Physical Gold

The Best Ways To Buy Physical Gold

Table Of Content Contrary to what you might have heard or imagined, buying physical gold is not that complicated.  In fact, you should seriously consider gold and other precious metals to be part of your investment portfolio so you should try to purchase physical gold at least once. Yes, you should arm yourself with knowledge […]

8 Top Financial Ratios Every Investor Should Understand And Start Using Them

8 Top Financial Ratios Every Investor Should Understand And Start Using Them

Here we are not talking about math, we are talking about practical tools that will help you understand the broader picture. Moreover, they will help you make sense of the information that comes with investing as well as make informed and justified choices. Consequently, this will improve your performance and results. This article will be dealing with the main investment ratios, and it will provide the most useful information about them.

Closed Vs. Open-End Funds: Similarities & Differences

Closed Vs. Open-End Funds: Similarities, Differences, Pros & Cons

Investors who want to put their money in a pooled investment fund will find that the list of options is quite long. There’s regional against global, active against passive, bonds against equities, established manager against start-up, and so on.  But investors often overlook one choice:  open-end versus closed-end funds […]

Open-Ended Funds: How Does It Work?

All You Need To Know About Open-End Funds

Table Of Content As an investor, you probably know what mutual funds are. Simply put, mutual funds are companies that pool money collected from different investors and utilize these resources to buy different assets. Open-end funds are the most common type of mutual funds. In this article, you will find out more information about them, […]

Closed-End Funds Basics – How It Works, Pros & Cons

Closed-end Funds Basics - How it works, Pros & Cons

closed-end fund (CEF), or sometimes called closed-ended fundis a pooled investment that issues a fixed number of shares.  The shares are not redeemable from the fund.  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) usually organizes it as a publicly-traded company.  It is similar to a mutual fund where investors create […]

What Are Municipal Bonds?

How Do Municipal Bonds Work?

Table Of Content You might be wondering: why does our government need to issue bonds? The reason is simple: Similar to official U.S treasury bonds, governments or government institutions sometimes find that they do not have enough money for certain civic projects. They often issue municipal bonds (munis) to raise the required funds quickly and […]

How Bonds Rating Are Determined?

How Bonds Rating Are Determined?

If you were a bond investor, you’d want an assurance that the bond issuer would pay you back later.  The bond issuer should be able to pay the principal and interests in total and on schedule. As an investor, this would be your primary consideration […]

10 Most Common Types of Bonds – Which Of Them Is Best For You?

10 Most Common Types of Bonds

Many investors tend to forget that the bond market offers such a wide range of possibilities that it would be a shame not to include this asset type in their portfolio. However, an investor should know the different types of bonds in detail in order to make successful moves […]

What Are Robo-Advisors And Should You Consider It?

What Are Robo-advisors and should you consider it?

Robo-advisors are a kind of financial advisers that provide online financial advice or portfolio with minimal human intervention. They became popular when people began searching for inexpensive but convenient automated opportunities.  Within minutes, robo-advisors can help you set up a diverse but customized portfolio right in the comfort of your desk […]

Index Funds Basics – How It Works,Types And Benefits

Index Funds Basics – How It Works,Types And Benefits

Investing in index funds could be a good idea for any investor. Before you take on this adventure, it’s good to know what an index is so that you can understand index funds and how they work, what their benefits and drawbacks are. In this article, you will find out more about this investment opportunity […]

The Pros And Cons Of Municipal Bonds

The Pros And Cons Of Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds bear either fixed or variable interest. The payment schedule will depend on the terms of the bond.  The issuing government unit receives money from investors as payment for the bonds.  In return, the issuer promises to pay the bondholder the stated interest on the bonds.  Interest is paid over an agreed period that could run from a few months to a few years […]

How To Invest In Index Funds: The Best Tips

How to Get Started Investing in Index Funds

Index funds are simply mutual funds that track the returns of a market index. An index is a compilation of securities that represents a specific fragment of the market.  The examples are stock market, bond market, funds market and others. As an advantage, an index mutual fund provides a wider market exposure, low operating costs and a minimal portfolio turnover […]

Mutual Fund Fees and Charges – Beginner’s Guide

Fees and Expenses Associated with Mutual Funds

According to the SEC, there are two main groups of fees and expenses. The first group’s name is “Shareholder Fees” and include all charges imposed on buying, selling or exchanging mutual funds. They could be front- and back-end sales loads, redemption fees and others. The second main group identified by the “Operating Costs”, which stem from the management of your account.

How to Invest in Commodities? Full Guide For Investors

All About Investing In Commodities

As a private investor, your commodities portfolio can be very useful in the long term. It is a good diversifier, inflation protection and a great stake on specific industries or regions.  However, you should know whether or not your investments are being exposed to the underlying commodity.  You should also look at the profile of the rest of your portfolio. 

How to Invest in Gold in 2022 – Full Guide

What Are The Best Ways To Invest In Gold

For over a millennia, gold has remained to be a substance of value. Proving that indeed it is a precious metal. There is so much that we can talk about gold. Nowadays, the bullion dealers have sold coins, bars, and the Krugerrands and so much. This proves one thing that investment in gold is becoming a top choice for many investors. But even so, the question still remains, how does one get exposed to gold and what are the best ways to invest in gold?[..]

How Interest Rates Affect Your Investments

How Interest Rates Affect Your Investments

In the US, this is the Federal Reserve, in the eurozone – the European Central Bank, in the UK – Bank of England. Changing the value of interest rates is part of the monetary tools a central bank can use when trying to regulate the supply and demand[…]

Mutual Funds: Understand the Risks

Understand the Risks In Mutual Funds

You already know quite a few things about mutual funds, don’t you? In case you’ve missed the previous articles – the best place to start is the basic guide for mutual funds. Overall, this is an option particularly suitable for newbies and inexperienced investors. Why? For starters, it gives them the chance to build a diversified portfolio […]

The Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins For Investment

The most popular gold bullion coins for investment

Think for a moment about gold – a precious metal always held with high regards. To most investors, gold form an outstanding investment, not like many other investments that you may be thinking of and through the years, gold has been widely accepted and has been utilized for many uses one of the uses being the making of world’s most beautiful coins […]

What Are The Different Types Of Mutual Funds?

What are the different types of Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are a great option for inexperienced investors. Basically, this is a “pool” where lots of different people put their money and an experienced professional manages the fund and invests in different asset classes – securities, stocks, etc. Find out more about what mutual funds are, different strategies when investing and their major characteristics.

Investing In Mutual Funds Full Guide – What Are Your Options?

Wordcloud Mutual Funds

Are you a greenhorn when it comes to business, finance, investments, and markets? Do you feel awkwardly strange when reading about the thousands of business opportunities out there. Or perhaps you are a pro who wants to know more things about our topic – mutual funds.

How Inflation Affects Gold Price

How Inflation Affects On Gold Price

To answer the question how inflation affects on gold price, it is necessary to take another look at old fashioned economics as a way for discovering how cost valuations will likely unfold as time goes on. Among the very crucial economic powers in these regions is the power of market inflation. its power influence on the yellow metal could be important according to the underlying principles of the world economy[…]